Aurora UV Vertical Tanning Unit

Kudos offers its guests the latest design in vertical tanning cubicles in a private changing room, offering a very fast tanning process with sessions lasting between 3 and 12 mins. Exceptional tanning performance guarantees a super-fast and even all-over tan in the safety of hygienic and private purpose built tanning booths, which are fully air-conditioned to keep customers comfortably cool. 18yrs and over only.

£3.00 per 3 min session or pre-paid courses can be booked;
30 min course £25
60 min course £45
90 min course £60
120 min course £75

Fake Tanning

Fake Bake Professional Spray Tan Application - £28.95

The professional spray tan application is the fastest (typically 15 minute treatment) and most convenient way to enjoy a Fake Bake application in the salon.

The treatment is provided by a qualified Therapist. You can choose from 2 different self-tan liquids – Original and Dark. The Therapist can advise you which is most suited to your skin tone. The tan is applied to your skin as a mist via a spray gun. The Therapist can tailor your tan to your specific requirements or for a particular occasion. You will be provided with a disposable thong (optional) and foot protectors to ensure your soles aren't miscoloured. You may wear your own bikini, however it could be miscoloured during the application.

It is generally believed that the professional spray tan application provides the most even tanning results because the atomised Fake Bake tanning liquid is applied to the skin perfectly uniform.